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We combine information from process technology and corporate management. So you can make data-driven decisions and specialize in your core business.

We offer You a holistic insight into the structure, behavior and optimization of processes. The focus here is on the consideration and analysis of the water cycle. This ranges from water management in urban areas to process optimization in industry.

Water in the City

We pursue a system-related approach to urban water infrastructure. That means a holistic approach, which includes the factors human, environment and technology. For the implementation of measures and modernization's, these are analyzed down to the smallest instance The aim is to create a foundation that supports the city in its natural dynamics and remains adaptable with regard to the environment and climate.

Designing of the city of tomorrow can only be realized by including the social and cultural characteristics in the planning. This includes acting transparently and conduct steps toward open governance. Every space and every use within a city are considered separately. The multiple level approach creates identification and support.

The development takes place in small steps, has a local focus and a vision. This approach comes from agile development and is now being transferred to water as a resource.

Water in Technology

Fluids are used for processes in the raw materials industry, manufacturing industry, infrastructures, food production, energy generation or similar. Gases and liquids are present in every process and are an essential part of the process chain. The information from the individual process steps is recorded and processed using sensors. The use of modern measurement technology is essential for the quality of the information. Measurement technology and process analytic’s are the basis of every decision.

Each system is in close interaction with the external, natural systems. The point of intersection must be defined in advance. We pursue the approach of a partial, process-oriented perspective, but at the same time consider the entire process line. Only in this way can we create clarity and exercise control. In order to remain technically and economically flexible, we use the adaptive open engineering approach.

Digitalisation of water

We create a virtual, parallel world. In these we try to recreate and simulate the laws of nature and connections from reality. Thanks to the traceability and causality of the relationships, forecasts can be made and measures can be initiated. For systems and processes that do not reveal any recognizable causality, we are increasingly turning to methods of machine learning, deep learning or artificial intelligence.

The world is becoming more and more complex. Influences alternate and make it difficult to recognize the system as a whole. The mapping of a cycle on a digital level helps us to recognize relationships. We want to bring this development further, provide you with tools to grow and to adapt to the world in constant change. In this development, the focus is on people with their potential and creativity. We therefore support open and transparent development structures and programs.